Hi, I’m Bob.

I’m an enthusiastic web developer co-owning our independent digital agency Weichie.com in Brussels & New York. My mission is to be a facilitator of opportunities, inspiration, and happiness in the lives of others.

From time to time I write about the lessons I’ve learned from running a business, including my ongoing series called Agency Journey, which I (try to) post once a quarter. It will cover both the journey our agency runs in Brussels, as the adventures we face in our New York Corporation: Weichie.com Inc.

I was born in Leuven and grew up mostly in a small town called Elewijt. I went to Thomas More University College and kickstarted my career with a six-month internship in New York. Whereafter I got hired full-time for the next two years.

In 2022, I founded a company with my friend Yannick. It’s called Weichie.com, and we’ve evolved it into an all-around digital agency with a focus on websites, e-commerce, SEO, and applications that help brands connect better with customers and improve their business performance.

Besides our digital agency, I am also on the adventure of starting my restaurant with 2 other friends. The restaurant is called Los Tontos and will be serving Mexican food in an enjoyable Mexican atmosphere. The idea grew in New York and the restaurant is located in my hometown Elewijt.

Outside of work, I like to spend time with my family, program (yes, still following tutorials and learning new things), write this blog, travel, and enjoy eating out.

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