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Episode 4 – Y2M2

We’ve started a newsletter! If you’re reading this in February 2024, you can still subscribe to receive our Y2M1 edition! We send out monthly-to-quarterly emails (depending on your preference) with backstage info on our web agency. Introducing new employees, agency struggles, new client work, internal initiatives, and much more. A best-in-class newsletter that’s a must-read!

We’re also getting settled in our new office in Brussels. In our previous episode, I mentioned that we were moving to a new location, now that that’s done, we can start making the place our own. Currently still in love with this amazing location in the city center of Brussels.

Growing our office

In our previous office, WeWork accommodated everything; Not only the coffee, tea, milk, microwave, and printer, … Also the desks and office chairs were included in the rent, as well as cleaning services.

For our new location, we need to get those items too, but it will be a continuous process. Currently started with 6 offices, office chairs, screens and monitors for the working area. Our kitchen started with a fridge, microwave, coffee machine, water boiler, and a cookie jar.

Next up will be a meeting/lunch table, so we can leave our desks for a moment.

Business evaluation

Last year, 2023 was a big investment year for We upgraded to a bigger office at WeWork, to finally ended up leaving WeWork and moving to our own private space. The private space requires a security deposit but comes at around the same monthly renting price as we had at WeWork. But our new office is more spacious, leaving more room for growth.

A private office means we’re also required to purchase everything ourselves. Desks, monitors, office chairs, a fridge, cups, a microwave, a coffee machine, a meeting table, a tv, … Those are all required to create a nice work environment for the team, but aren’t free of charge.

Despite our growth with the Brussels team, we’re also trying to penetrate the US market!

The New York progress?

This belongs to a different journal, our New York Adventure Journal, but just wanted to let you know we made progress there as well and are all ready to go to make some new business there! Inc. and BV are ready for business!

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