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Episode 3 – Y1M10

August was a very intense month in terms of workload, but because most of our clients were on holiday the feedback and approval on those projects had huge delays. For our agency, this was a very busy month but the cash flow was not present. That means that on paper, everything looks good, but in reality, it simply does not work on paper only. In theory, all our invoices should be slowly dripping in in September, but it feels weird that you work your ass off.

In navigating the complexities of digital projects, I’ve identified scope creep as a significant challenge we face. Our commitment to client satisfaction often leads us to accommodate new ideas, reflecting our flexibility and desire to deliver exceptional work. However, I’ve realized that without clear boundaries, these well-intentioned adjustments can compromise both the project’s profitability and our ability to deliver on time. Moving forward, I must refine my project management skills, ensuring clear communication from the outset about the scope of work. Guaranteeing that both our team and our clients have a shared understanding of what the project includes – and maybe more importantly, what it does not.

I discovered that scope creep is currently one of my biggest flaws. We spend time on a project proposal, estimating a project timeframe and budget. But during the project, clients will come up with new ideas and we just want to help. But many small changes make the project unprofitable in the end, so definitely a management skill I add to my bucket list to ensure everyone knows what’s included in the proposal that we made – and what’s not.

New Office for!

We’re excited to share that we’re moving to our own private space beginning in December 2023! We loved WeWork and are very thankful they could support our starting agency in its early years. I grew there from a hot-desk membership just for me, to a private office space for 3 people. Because we needed to upgrade on more time to a 4-people’s private office, I also asked prices for a 6-people office.

You can never be too enthusiastic, but for example, if an intern would join us for a few months, I would not like our office space to become too small once again. The prices for the 6-desk office were very competitive with other office rentals in Brussels, so I started my journey there.

The opportunity for one of those location seemed almost too good to be true, yet it ticked all the boxes. Its a spacious area, capable of comfortably accommodating a small team of up to 10 people. While we haven’t grown to that size yet, it’s an exciting prospect, leaving us open to the possibilities that the future may hold!

More info about our new Brussels office can be found in this article, but our new address is above the OTOMAT restaurant in Place St-Catherine in Brussels!

A new hire!

If you haven’t heard it yet, we also have our official 2nd employee at! Except for me and my business partner Yannick, we now also have Mathias who joined our development team. If you would like to meet them, our accountant, or our freelancers, feel free to have a look at the team page.

All the foundations for healthy growth are now in place at our agency! This solid base allows us to concentrate on improving client satisfaction and refining our onboarding process. Our goal is to ensure becomes the best digital agency that businesses could wish for — known not just for our expertise but also for our fairness, passion and dedication to our clients.

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