Bob Weichler.
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Hello world!

The first post on my personal website. I’ve been making websites for clients, friends and myself for over 5 years now. I had my own portfolio website in the past, but that one is currently transformed into our current digital agency I’m currently also working on a new agency website too, but taking a quick break to test new things out with my own personal site on the side.

I’ll leave my agency website for the fancy and complicated stuff. My own personal website I’ll keep to test new smaller things and to write to my future self. Keeping track of where I came from, or advice I know now, that I didn’t back then. As for the other things I hope to write about, I’ve been giving it some thought. These are some initial ideas:

I want to write interesting and informative things that are not boring. My aim is to develop a writing style that is both easy to read and entertaining. However, achieving this requires consistent practice and discipline, as I am not a copywriter.

Enjoy my site!

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