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The internship: What I do, the team and the office

This whole blog is about my internship in the United States, so why don’t I just get to it then? Well, let’s change that right away! What do you do at your internship? With who do you work? Where do you work? Is it hard? … I’ll give you an answer on all this questions in this article.


The Internship

If you didn’t knew it already, I’m doing my internship at Night Owls, New York City. It’s a Digital Agency based in Lower Manhattan. At the WeWork office on West Broadway to be precise. As a web development student, I’ll be running in the team as a front-end developer. Working together with the team and working on their actual projects. My training is already running for two weeks now and I’ve already attended breakfast meetups, photoshoots, a ski trip, phone meetings, office events (like pot luck, happy hour, …) and every Friday the lunch meetings.

My tasks as an intern

Currently, my job exists about transforming a designed website into an actual website. This means I receive the layout of the web pages from the designer. These are just photo’s. I need to create the website that looks exactly like the designs I receive. I was already active as a freelance web developer for individuals and companies in Belgium, but this is something else.

In Belgium I created mostly websites with five different designed pages. These page’s will then be used repeatedly on the website. Now here at my internship, I received 70+ designed pages… Quite a shocker for me as well.

I’m only two weeks in it, but I’ve already learned so much and still love everything about my work!

My work

The team of A-players

Meet the team! Night Owls is a small company with only six employees, but everyone is an expert in their field. This is why I will learn so much from this internship. They are all very friendly and relaxing.

Back in Belgium, I used other libraries to create fancy elements on websites. Here at Night Owls they don’t allow external frameworks in their projects. Because when you use one on your site, your website depends on that framework. If the framework updates, you need to adjust your website to this framework. Or otherwise, you update your website but the framework is still outdated.

Because of this I’ve already learned a better understanding of the jQuery fundamentals and how everything works together. I’m still no expert and still need to ask for help every now and then, but the amount of new things I learn every day is almost fascinating ?

The A-Team

The office at WeWork

For the moment, this internship is what I’ve always seen as my dream job. But it still exceeds all my expectations. The office the company has at WeWork is very ‘hip’. I think WeWork itself is very new, but I’m not sure. But it’s a co-working space for companies with 1 to 10 employees. They have an own social media platform, where you can ask around about your or other people’s businesses. They have free beer at the office, together with a huge amount of free tea and coffee to drink. They organise also events like a Valentine speed date or a chicken & waffle networking event.

Except all of the work benefits that WeWork offers, they’ve also off-work classes. Like a Yoga class, massages, bootcamp workouts or a meditation class. You just have to sign up for the event you want, and you’re ready to go.

You can’t enter the WeWork office without working there. So if you’re planning on visiting, make sure to let me know. I can invite you as a guest and you’ll receive your guest badge.

See you soon!

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